Purde Software Cloud migration status


Current status

Planned changes with respect to the current status


Current status

Planned changes with respect to the current status


SVG Out macros keep functional in Cloud with the following limitations:

  • The text flow align option does not exist in the Cloud version.

  • There is no Cloud counterpart for the SVG Out Body Injected macro.

  • In case you have defined link replacements you have to re-do them as they are not migrated.

  • You must re-do all white-listings.

Currently none

Simple Cite

The following macros are migrated without any additional actions needed by you:

  • Single Cite

  • Short Cite

  • Cite Summary

The following macros can be migrated following the Simple Cite Migration guide

  • Single Cite Import

  • DOI Cite

  • BibTeX cite

The following macro does not exist in cloud:

  • BibTeX listing

Conversion to new cloud editor

Please note that Single Cites might be affected by the in-line issue of Confluence Cloud when migrating a page to the new editor.

Currently none

Edit Permission Inheritance

Edit permission inheritances can be migrated by a manual process explained here: Edit Permission Inheritance Migration Guide

The reason why there is (currently) no automatic migration are as follows:

  • All edit permissions are migrated by Confluence anyhow. Only the inheritance is not migrated.

  • During a migration we do not want to start intensive tasks on your cloud instance.

  • We think that most clients will only have some edit permission inheritances allowing the manual migration.

  • We think that it is worth re-considering each edit permission inheritance during a migration.

You have a different opinion or need help? Just let us know.

Please note that the option to limit page creations available for Server / Data Center is not available in the Cloud version.

Currently none

Smart Questions and Answers

As Smart Questions and Answers uses regular pages as questions and regular comments as answers those information will be migrated without any further action. However as you also loose some relevant information (acceptance decision, functionality of the overview etc.) we implemented a semi-automated migration functionality. For details refer to this page.

Please consider the migration functionality as beta and open a support ticket prior to migration.

Currently none

Tree View

Tree Watches can currently only be migrated manually by re-creating a Tree Watch on all trees you need to watch in your Cloud instance.

Our migration strategy depends on the number of real migration requests we get in the next time.